Debs Delights Cakes

Are you planning to make your own cake for your special occasion? Would you like a little help with the decorations? From the smallest daisy's to a comical character or a hand painted plaque? I can help!

Just call or email for a quote and delivery information.

1920s_art Cake   Ceramic_boot   skier-figure   japanese_bird   orchids   igglepiggle   penguin-close   bride   wedding_couple   page_boy   balloons   flower_pot   gardener  

bear2   bees   cricketsheep   lizard   twinstoppers   coffee_and_biscuit cake   veg   butterfly   daisies   infilled-roses   hearts   red_flowers_2   red_white_flowers   dante   posey   princess_at_window   elvis cake   Marilyn   hellokitty   lionking   nightgarden   pinkrose   princess   smallflowers   snails   teddy   topweddingflowers   Wedding_cupcake   Wedding_figures   whiteweddingflowers   wiredstars   blossom   bluebells   carnation   Crysanthumum   daffodils   gerbebra   iris   sweatpeas   violet   wild_rose

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